Discover the FIRST NFT Collaboration
with an international artist on Solana

The Artist

Vincent Faudemer has always thought blockchain technology will revolutionize many aspects of our lives, including transforming the way we own, buy and sell art. Back in 2018, his first Babolex had the Bitcoin logo lettered on its back. It therefore seemed quite natural to him to be part of this transformation of Contemporary Art by offering his first NFT collection entitled Babolex’s Adventures. There is always a heightened level of excitement when a new ground is broken. With a huge community of more than 350,000 people, making his art accessible to as many people as possible and creating value around his digital adventure represent very exciting challenges for Vincent.

Golden Ticket

Inspired by the success of Vincent’s physical collector card sales and the resale of closed blisters at very high prices in the secondary market, we decided to digitize this concept. The Golden Ticket Babolex will be sold in several successive sales after which it will be possible to exchange them for a randomly assigned Babolex NFT or… to keep it as such and speculate on its resale later.

Trait Rarity









Meet Babolex NFTs


Phase 1

Golden Tickets Sale

  • 6,000 Golden Ticket NFTs will be sold during successive sales, the Golden Tickets will allow their holders to exchange them against a Babolex NFT a few days later
Phase 2

NFT Reveal Day

  • Golden Ticket holders will be able to either exchange their Ticket against a Babolex NFT or keep it for a later reveal or even sell it on the secondary market using one of our partner’s marketplace
Phase 3

Discord Channel For Verified NFT Holders

  • An exclusive Discord channel will be set up for the verified NFT holders so they can decide of the project’s future as well as the gifts the community should receive
Phase 4

Promoting The Collection

  • Vincent Faudemer has planned a huge french media tournée to promote the collection to millions and increase its value
Phase 5

Physical Art

  • Each week, snapshots will be randomly taken amongst non-listed NFTs. 1,000 Babolex statues & 1,000 Other statues will be given away. Also, 25 lucky holders will share 50% of the sales profit of their NFTs mirror board copies.
Phase 6

Special Pass For Very Special Events

  • Babolex NFTs will serve as entry pass to participate in special events and holders will receive gifts based on what the community likes the most

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the Golden Ticket price?

2 SOL.

Where can I see my Babolex NFT?

At any time, in your Phantom wallet!

Where can I sell my Babolex NFT?

You will be able to sell your Babolex NFT on all our partners marketplaces.

Will there be secondary sale royalties?

Royalties will be 7,5% of each sale. 34% of all the royalties will go to a fund dedicated to the community / to help the community growth.